The entrepreneurship’s future

Helena Olcina, on behalf of lanuevaweb bet for the support to the entrepreneurship giving, through the Rafael del Pino foundation, conferences in public schools of the capital to students that study business venture.


Helena Olcina, on behalf of lanuevaweb’s team, is incorporated to the Communication committee of MADRID WOMAN'S WEEK

'Mujeres Emprendedoras y Microempresas' conference

AEMME invited Helena Olcina to participate as speaker in the roundtable of “Casos de Éxitos –Empresarias” offered in the conference “Mujeres Emprendedoras y Microempresas”, to present the keys of her successful professional career.

'Las TIC, Clave para el desarrollo de la microempresa' conference'

Helena Olcina, on the behalf of lanuevaweb Innovation, is invited as Expert Speaker to discuss the Social Networks’ importance in the microenterprise development (event done by AEMME).

Talk in the 'Salón de la Microempresa Española para Emprendedores'

The representative of lanuevaweb Innovation, Helena Olcina, offered the 26 august an interesting talk about the importance of 'La Imagen Corporativa en la pyme' in the 'Salón de la Microempresa Española para Emprendedores'.

Professional conferences of Talks about 'La importancia de la Imagen de Marca'

lanuevaweb Innovation prepared conferences about the importance of the Mark in the Garden Centres of Madrid Emprende.