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Web development – lanuevaweb

Businesses that don’t have a Corporate Web Page lose 40% of their potential client base each year. We will create a personalized web page for you based on:

  • Creativity:custom made projects that are original and different.
  • Profitability:web pages that sell: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Differentation:because we know how to capture the essence of each company
  • Visibility:enhancing your corporate image within each section of your web page.

Customised Web Pages

If you want to create a website from point zero with customized programming, we have a team of experts whose sole purpose will be to give life to your project. Once we’ve studied your business and come up with ideas for the structure of your website, we will present you with a budget within 24 hours according to the type of website you want.

Management of Content

We offer you the possibility to manage your own website through programs like WordPress. We will prepare the structure and you will be able to change images, text, and additional content you would like to be included in your website.

Online Stores

The internet offers you the possibility to open a new channel through which to sell your products and make your company known. There is no need to close your doors, we will create an online store which will gain more customers and improve the relationship you have with your existing ones.

Corporate Blogs

Count on us to continuously update the content of your website. We have trained professionals who will create compelling content for your blog.