lanuevaweb support the entrepreneurship among the youth

TVE1 se hace eco. –Helena Olcina, through the Rafael del Pino foundation, impart training and motivating presentations about the entrepreneurship in the capital’s schools

The social networks importance in 'Cierre de Mercado'

Helena Olcina talks in live about the future of the social networks in Spain

lanuevaweb explains which its most popular services are

Emprende is interested in the services that lanuevaweb offers to the entrepreneurs and business owners of Spain since a few years

Telemadrid - Madrid Opina

Part 1 - Helena Olcina is invited to talk in live about the problems that pressures the Spanish businessmen

Telemadrid - Madrid Opina

Part 2 - Helena Olcina, on behalf of lanuevaweb team, demand to the government support to let the businessmen create work and the entrepreneurs a future

Telemadrid - Madrid Opina

Part 3

Telemadrid - Madrid Opina

Part 4

Telemadrid - Madrid Opina

Part 5

Telemadrid - Madrid Opina

Part 6

TIC Conferences

Helena Olcina, on behalf of lanuevaweb team, gives a speech about the –Society on the Net as Business Opportunity- in the TIC Conferences in Madrid

TVE1 - lanuevaweb Innovacion

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